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Awesome quote from Derek Sivers:

They say there are a few stages of learning:

  1. unconscious incompetence
  2. conscious incompetence (\< -- me)
  3. conscious competence
  4. unconscious competence

I'm not sure which "they" he's referring to since I've never heard that before, but I think it's profound.

It strikes me that the quality of communication …

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Context from the hover text on today's XKCD:

Wikipedia trivia: if you take any article, click on the first link in the article text not in parentheses or italics, and then repeat, you will eventually end up at "Philosophy".

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Not necessarily for a career, but as part of being a well rounded member of society. This quote from Swarthmore's Timothy Burke via The Atlantic's Megan McCardle explains why:

The most awesome development project I've ever seen personally was a former small businesswoman in the Peace Corps who was teaching …

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I've just finished the five week Machine Learning 101 class taught at Hacker Dojo.

I didn't get what I had hoped out of the course. I'm quick to acknowledge that I could have gotten more out of it by applying more effort, but I also think there were some unnecessary …

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If you're going to write an article comparing X and Y, try to have an opinion. Don't end it with this:

The best way to determine which is right for you is to download both and put each through a comprehensive evaluation.

The Server Side: Comparing MySQL and Postgres 9 …

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There are some things that schools and colleges really focus on that I just don't think are very relevant anymore. There are other things that kids really need to know, but that are only taught as electives if they're taught at all.

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Over at Language Log.

I would add "anyone who walks by a janitor cleaning windows at the JSMB and says 'Can you come do mine next?!'

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In Slate.

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That insightful guy on the religious discussion forum might be more than he says he is.

Ben reports.

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