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Mon 25 January 2010 | tags: 1stamendment, comcast, customerservice, dailylinks, eugenevolokh, explodingoffers, music, nalp, security, startups, supremecourt, terrorism, underwearbomber, worstcompanyiveeverhadtodealwith, -- (permalink)

What I've been reading lately:

  • I surrender, Comcast
    • In case there was any doubt, Comcast service is still an epic fail. Especially if you just want internet.
  • Language Log » Modal deafness - Not everyone hears music in the same way. Many people, even musically trained ones, can't reliably tell the difference between a major and minor chord when they're played side by side. Stick the same chords into a sequence though, and they're able to tell them apart again.
  • Schneier on Security: The Abdulmutallab that Should Have Been Connected
    • Schneier on "connecting the dots." It's only obvious in hindsight.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy » Blog Archive » Money and Speech - A nice alternative to the "sky is falling" coverage that NPR has been giving to the recent campaign finance decision from the Supreme Court.
  • Exploding Term Sheets Prompt Y Combinator To Sync Acceptance Dates With Competitors
    • Does the startup world need its own NALP? For the non-lawyers out there, NALP is the organization that sets rules for law school recruiting, basically telling firms interviewing at participating law schools when they can start interviewing, and how long they have to hold offers open. This article from TechCrunch points to a similar problem in the VC world, with competing firms moving their offer dates earlier and earlier, and using exploding offers ("accept in 48 hours or we withdraw it") in order to force the offerees' hands. Entrepreneurs: Just say no. A firm that gives you an exploding offer is not the kind you want to sell your soul to. This is NOT your one and only chance to make it. Investors: Beware of selection effects. The companies most likely to accept your exploding offers are the ones least confident in their ability to get funded elsewhere. Is that what you intended?