Today's Links

Fri 15 January 2010 | tags: amazon, appengine, budgets, dailylinks, haiti, immigration, marginalrevolution, politics, s3, upload, utah, -- (permalink)

What I've been reading lately:

  • Marginal Revolution: How to help Haiti
    • The very best option right now for a lot of the Haitian earthquake survivors is to go somewhere else. Tyler Cowen cites a variety of bloggers arguing that the most effective way to do this would be for the US to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Haitian refugees.
  • Django snippets: Amazon S3 browser-based upload form - This *would* come out just weeks after I wrote my own Django backend for uploading images to Google app engine. I might transition to this S3 approach so that the load never needs to hit my server at all.
  • Steve Urquhart: Utah's Retirement System
    • I agree with Steve Urquhart about 75% of the time. This is one of those times. Very few politicians have the guts to publicly say "We can't afford to pay the retirement benefits we promised," but you need guts like that in order to prevent Utah's state government from deteriorating to be like California's.