Today's Links

Sat 16 January 2010 | tags: creditcard, dailylinks, design, economics, jj, rails, rest, -- (permalink)

What I've been reading lately:

  • Plastic Flashback | The Big Money - Most economic models depend on the assumption that consumers are well-informed, rational, and self-interested. The 23914077th example of this assumption failing comes from The Big Money's pictorial history of the credit card: “People are picking out a card because they can have a picture of a cat on it rather than looking at the terms...” Or are consumers rational after all, consciously deciding that they value cat pictures more than a lower credit card interest rate?
  • Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian
    • Can you guess where the article's from?
  • JJinuxLand: Rails: The REST Religion
    • I didn't know people even tried doing RESTful routing on browser-driven sites, having never tried Ruby on Rails. I like REST for APIs that other computers interact with behind the scenes, and use it frequently in that context. But I agree with JJ in thinking it doesn't fit well in a browser.